Here’s a snippet of some of the client feedback Hillgrove Stud have received over the years…

I am currently undertaking Dressage training three times per week with Liz Williams. Since purchasing my new horse, Double D, I have trained exclusively with Liz at her base where I am also lucky enough to keep my horse. Each lesson, there has been significant improvement, in both the horse’s way of going and in my riding.

When I came to Liz, I was rather rusty after having taken a sabbatical from competition dressage. Very quickly, Liz got me back on track and also corrected my tendency to override the more advanced movements. She has made each lesson thoroughly enjoyable and has taught according to the scales of training. As I am a trainee judge, I have found Liz’s teaching to be hugely knowledgeable and informative; I feel she has not only helped to improve my horse and myself but has also helped educate me further regarding judging. Liz has been very keen to nurture my interest in dressage, and she has kindly invited me to accompany her to the Wood lander Stud, where I was able to learn more about the mechanics of the dressage horse. I have also learnt a great deal from watching Liz warm up at competitions and competing.

What is most striking about Liz’s teaching is the depth of her subject knowledge. I consider myself to be reasonably well informed with regard to the training of dressage horses, however Liz’s breadth of knowledge has astounded me. She has a huge teacher’s toolkit to delve into, and each lesson is clearly planned with clear goals. Liz is very emphatic with my horse, who is a talented but ‘hot’ mare. Liz has been consistently kind and considerate in her training and I truly believe that my horse is a ‘happy athlete’ under Liz’s instruction. Liz appears to have a genuine interest in the progression of my dressage career and sets short, medium and long term goals.

With Liz’s encouragement, I entered my first dressage competition after eight weeks of owning my horse and twenty lessons with Liz. I have never competed at Medium level before, and was initially wary of the big step up from Elementary. With Liz’s support however, I entered the Medium 63 at Summerhouse, Gloucestershire and was thrilled to win the class on 72.76%, gaining 8,8,7,8 for my collectives. Whilst in the ring, my usual nerves evaporated and my careful training and preparation with Liz took over. It is worth mentioning that I have not broken the 70% barrier before at either Novice or Elementary level.

Liz is an articulate, well educated, friendly and considerate trainer. I look forward to progressing my dressage career further with Liz’s guidance.

Mrs Rebecca Vale